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KOFAC, The 2nd Free Semester Class Concert Held KOFAC, The 2nd Free Semester Class Concert Held Good Imagination, Good Sharing, Invitation to the 2ND Free Semester Class On August 9(Wednesday) -11(Friday) 2017,The 2nd Free Semester Class Concert was held at the Seoul The-K hotel for 3days, It was hosted by Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity( hereinafter referred to as" KOFAC", president Tai Hyun Park) and Ministry of Education(Deputy Prime Minister Kim, Sang-kon). The event was held 2nd time in this year, was set as a place to share best practices through class demonstration and sharing of teachers talk with the theme of “good imagination, good sharing, Invitation to The 2nd Free Semester Class Concert”. In particular, The concert attracted more than 2,300 teachers from all over the country who wear recruited through pre-registration, as well as teachers who wanted to attend. On the 1st day, we will re-create classroom for student-centered activities with excellent class demonstration and dialogue through Practical Case Research Competition Ceremony of excellent class demonstration and sympathy talk with opening ceremony. On the 2nd day and 3rd day, △ share the best school case, reflect the needs of the field △ classroom and evaluation, lecture on future education △ share the classroom of office of education besides practical use of division of the free semester field support △ 1:1 customized consulting, self-motivated studying community △ Sharing excellent case of Teachers Research Society △managed exhibition excellent documents and video demonstration △ performance △ healing lectures. etc.  KOFAC president Tai Hyun Park said “I am delighted that we have the opportunity to share and sympathize with the teachers of the nation who voluntarily attended The 2nd Free Semester Concert and to share best practices through this event, I expect to be able to strengthen and apply it to the actual field.” [photo] On Aug 9(Wednesday), KOFAC president Tai Hyun Park gave welcome speech for “ The 2nd Free Semester Class Concert at Seoul The-K hotel. KOFAC, The 2nd Free Semester Class Concert Held