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Korea's Largest Science Festival Korea’s largest Science Festival “ The 21st Korea Science Creativity Festival ” 3 Days of the Family members visit, more than 120,000 visitos On August 10(Thursday) – 20(Saturday), The Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity(KOFAC) announced that 124,910 visitors visited the 21st Korea Science Festival. Visitors had a chance to see and experience science and technology. On the opening day of 10th, there were about 38,000 people visited since then the content of the audience has been filled with rich and informative content, 41,000 people on the 11th of the the 2nd day, 46.000 people. On the 12th day, It had constant stream of visitors from the event hall entrance. In the summer vacation of elementary, middle and high school students, many family members have visited the event place due to the overlapping of vacations of the workers, and it is possible to directly experience and experience the advanced science and technology such as AR.VR, It was analyzed as a major visit. During the remaining events, 'Drone Clash' competition organized by The Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity(KOFAC, President Tai Hyun Park) and 'Youth Science Creation Competition' hosted by Ministry of Science, ICT(Minister You, Young Min). It will be held from August 13 (Sun)-15 (Tue). In the Drone Arena, the "Drone Clash" competition, the first drones clash fighting competition in Korea, and the "Drones Racing" competition, where players who control the drones faster than usual, are held. The tournament will be held between August 13 (Sun) and 15 (Tue). Visitors can enjoy the drone racing and hunting experience during times when the game is not running. " Youth Science Creation Competition" is held on the stage in the event hall. This competition is designed to give students the opportunity to think about the future of science and technology as the protagonist of future generations. Based on the theme given in the morning on August 13(Sun), Hackathon *How to team up and finish the marathon for a long time. The 21st Korea Science Creativity Festival will be held at the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of KINTEX, Ilsan until August 15(Tue). [Picture] On August 8.13(Sun) AM,  Visitors are standing in line for the 21st Korea Science Creativity Festival, which is being held at the 1st KINTEX Exhibition Hall Korea's Largest Science Festival